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We build and manage highly capable and motivated technology teams for scale partnerships and project delivery.

Staff Augmentation

Our people augmentation and resourcing model is designed to cater for clients who require onsite professionals matching their talent requirements. They fall under the client’s management structures and become part of their existing teams, essentially, an extension of their current staff-base. In this model, Entelect’s people are performance managed and trained by Entelect to ensure a consistent level of performance and professionalism, however overall accountability for the delivery of solutions and systems remains the responsibility of the client.

Managed Projects

Our project based model suits clients who wish to fully outsource a scoped piece of work. In these instances, Entelect is able to develop a detailed work model and match that with specific professionals to deliver on that need within time and budget constraints.

Backed by 1500 other qualified Software Engineers, Data Solutions Practitioners, UX Engineers and Business Analysts at Entelect, the team would work with the project stakeholders, and other departments and stakeholders to solve the business requirements with the implementation of a robust technical solution.


Offshoring to the South African teams is an advantageous proposition to New Zealand based companies who often struggle to fulfil their development capacity within the New Zealand market. The South African development industry is mature and the skills available are on par with international standards.

Catering to the ever-growing South African population of over 57 Million people, the enterprise systems built by South African developers are forced to be robust and scalable whilst satisfying client requirements. Business processes and working cultures between New Zealand and South Africa are very similar making offshoring to South Africa an easier transition in comparison to the Indian and Eastern European options.

With this option, an Entelect representative will be available on-site in New Zealand and will take full accountability and ownership of the delivery of the work whilst account managing and overlooking the engagement.


When we build systems we strive for ease of use, robustness and maintainability, allowing for systems to evolve with our clients’ businesses. Most importantly, our teams bring a deep level of critical thinking and experience to every project.

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