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Leaping to the clouds

Compiling a cloud services comparison is a daunting task. Delve into a selection strategy and uncover the benefits, risks and dynamics of leading cloud vendors, while exploring the vital role of team skills play in ensuring successful cloud adoption.

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1. Cloud selection strategies

Implemented effectively, utilising cloud platforms confers tangible and measurable benefits: it can enable scaling, ensure reliability, reduce acquisition and operating costs of infrastructure, and improve time to market.

Three major cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, offer comparable functionality but vary in suitability for organisations.

  1. the business and operational benefits of moving the the cloud
  2. comparing cloud platforms
  3. when to choose which provider


An introduction to cloud platforms

2. Navigating cloud giants

Migrating to the cloud presents companies with the opportunity to enhance operations but requires thorough understanding of possibilities and risks. While top cloud platforms offer similar services, to ensure optimal performance and adherence to regulations, selecting the right one demands evaluating the following:

  • Regional variations in functionality
  • Network performance
  • Data compliance
  • Service availability
  • Data centre costs
  1. Regional data centre support
  2. Overview of services offered per platform


3. Beyond the clouds:
Unlocking team skills
and productivity

3. Beyond the clouds: Unlocking team skills and productivity

Technology alone is not sufficient in addressing technology problems effectively; the human and team factors are equally important. Engineering workforce costs will far outstrip cloud platform costs. Therefore, productivity and having the correct skillsets need to play a big role in decision making. 

The aim is to establish a way of working and automate engineering pipelines to minimise waste in the process of evaluating, adpting and delivering on solutions. 

  1. Team skills and productivity
  2. Ways of working and DevOps

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