Implementing platform oriented IT at Standard Bank Corporate


Within CIB Risk at Standard Bank, the “Risk App Store” is a shared platform for the Corporate and division to leverage data, applications and infrastructure right across the customer lending journey.

The Risk App Store is responsible for providing a single platform to the business users, and allowing developers to rapidly add and digitise CIB Risk processes that are inefficient.

Entelect is currently involved in the following projects:
– Risk App Store: The platform, pipeline and architecture in its entirety
– Digital Credit Paper: An application that digitises the processes for approving and declining corporate loans
– Legal Agent: An application to automate and generate legal documents
– Market Risk Limits: An application to measure the market risk exposures and alert limit breaches regarding trades and investments
– Covenant Tracker: An application to track all covenants regarding loans and deals
– Credit Consideration Matrix: An application to set up regulated question answers for big customers that is used to measure its risk when approving or declining a loan
– Property Valuation: An application to capture and calculate large properties’ market value

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