Modernising the no-funds platform for MTN Group Digital


MTN have operated a basic but effective “No Funds” web page over the past several years which automatically presents balance information and a variety of free services to mobile users without data, driving traffic to products such as Ayoba and MusicTime, as well as allowing them to top up their balance in several ways.

MTN intends to use this project as a testing ground for innovative ways to interact with customers, make data-driven decisions, and productise the platform.

The No Funds platform goes beyond offering a static webpage, and MTN aims to use this project as a testing ground for innovative ways for interacting with subscribers, analysing usage to promote real data-driven decisions, and productising the platform across the various MTN operating countries.

The platform engineered by Entelect aims to provide an enhanced user experience, surfacing product information to customers, and funnel traffic to MTN’s suite of applications such as Ayoba, MusicTime, and MoMo, and third-party advertisers.

Additionally, the platform aims to reduce operating costs by intelligently optimising bandwidth for the site, and enabling AB split testing and dynamic content functionality.

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